Pula and surrounding area

Lots of unmissable places to discover

Pula is not only one of the most renowned locations in the South West of Sardinia, it also represents one of the most beautiful stretches of coast on the island.

With its coves, expanses of white sand, naturalistic oases, and unique archaeological sites, Pula offers you a 360-degree holiday.

The beaches

The Nora Club Hotel & SPA is located halfway between Pula and Nora, within walking distance of Sardinia’s most beautiful beaches, including Chia and Tuerredda.


Nora, an ancient Phoenician and Roman city, is one of Sardinia’s most important archaeological sites. Just 2 km from the Nora Club Hotel & SPA.

Monte Arcosu

The Monte Arcosu nature reserve, a few kilometres from the hotel, is a 4,000-hectare Mediterranean forest that is home to a wealth of wildlife.

Is Zuddas Caves

The Is Zuddas Caves are an unmissable experience for nature lovers. The limestone concretions create incredible evocative scenes.

Festival of Sant’Efisio

The festival of Sant’Efisio is a religious procession that takes place every year in Cagliari and Pula.

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